Local art news

The more than 125 artists who participate vary every year with the taste and personality of the curator
“Midnight Pear” by Ken Robbins

The German artist will be represented by more than 20 photographs from locations across the globe

A respite from the lavish art fairs held in the Hamptons during the summer
The region’s artists come to show and its collectors come to buy at Guild Hall’s Clothesline Art Sale, which will celebrate its 69th year on Saturday. Durell Godfrey

At the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill

The evolving nature of photography and mechanical reproduction
“Garden”, left, by Bryan Graf. Right, Ethan Greenbaum’s 3-D powder prints

Edward Burns was caught in a pensive moment on the set of “Public Morals,” the series he created that will premiere on TNT on Aug. 25.
Michael Rapaport plays Charlie Bullman, Terry Muldoon’s partner in “Public Morals.”

“Reinventing the Helm: Self-Styled Nautical Activists Pirate the Canon of Maritime Art,”
“Anker,” a sculpture by Eric Slayton, is a complicated composition of steel, chain link, cordage, high-density closed-cell foam, and the seawater in which it is currently immersed.