At Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor

At the Southampton Cultural Center

The documentary festival will screen over two days at the Southampton Arts Center

“To me, life is about as much beauty as you can bring into it,”
Marcia Previti, whose garden is a series of rooms enlivened by her architectural background and sculptures, below, sat at home with her dog, Dallas, on a recent afternoon. Durell Godfrey
A garden sculpture by Marcia Previti Durell Godfrey Photos

When you think of the East End, Minimalism is not the first movement, or even the 21st movement that comes to mind
Works in the “Aspects of Minimalism” show at Guild Hall include Dan Flavin’s “Untitled (to M&M Thomas Inch).”
Donald Judd’s untitled sculpture from 1974 in anodized aluminum and brass.
Edward Ruscha’s “Fee” in gunpowder and pastel on paper.

“It’s a commitment to making gay lives visible”
Robert Giard's "Bridgehampton Horse Show" is an example of the photographer's interest in recording the workers who serve the South Fork. Robert Giard Foundation
Giard took hundreds of photographs of gay writers and published images of several of them with their writing. Marijane Meaker was captured on the South Fork.Robert Giard Foundation
"Man with Landscape Painting (John Haigney)" by GiardRobert Giard Foundation

“It is the work I’m most proud of, of everything I have done in my entire career,”
Taylor Barton has married music and text in a new children’s book inspired by the BP oil spill.

To be performed by Kathleen Chalfant and Harris Yulin on Saturday at 8 p.m.
Harris Yulin and Kathleen Chalfant

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At the Southampton Arts Center