Maybelle Smith is a blues singer taking on the challenges of 1950s America

The Parrish Road Show is just the latest in a series of programs Andrea Grover has started at the museum
Andrea Grover, inside Maziar Behrooz's "Rapid Deployment Meditation Unit," is untethering the museum in a summer series of on-site events under the banner of the Parrish Road Show. Sunny Khalsa

Escape to Montauk, dubbed a “unique boutique event,” kicks off tomorrow

Guild Hall events

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Local art news
Sculpture by Costantino Nivola is on view now at the Drawing Room gallery in East Hampton.

Forty-one galleries took part this year, an increase over last year’s 35

By Grace Schulman
She spoke of finding her various inspirations as somewhat magical events
Mary Ellen Bartley visits the beach every morning with her dog, and takes pictures when she is not throwing a ball. Durell Godfrey

Mr. Breslin’s film is provocative, but in unexpected ways
Kevin Breslin’s “#whilewewatch,” a documentary about the Occupy Wall Street movement, was shown at Guild Hall last Thursday. Ed Mendoza