At the Southampton Cultural Center

At Christ Episcopal Church

At Guild Hall

The artist is known for his painterly, almost photo-realist style works
“Indian Wells Classic” captures the quiet simplicity of Amagansett in earlier days.
In “Clam Bar,” Lew Zacks took an approach to his subject that he usually reserved for urban settings, focusing on the piling up of signs on the roadside stand.

At the Montauk School auditorium.

The produce in the book — heirloom vegetables, fruits, herbs, and nuts, as well as flowers — was grown on Ms. Goldman’s 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley
Daguerrotypes of heirloom varieties of produce, such as potatoes and melons, are featured in a new book.

Opting for a peaceful vista over a jammed downtown
Maryann Lucas’s “Pink Peonies in a Grey Pot”
Ben Fenske’s “Afternoon Dock”
“Road River #9” by Christian White
“Fields on Cooks Lane” by Ramiro

“Painting is what makes life worthwhile,”
Cornelia Foss was on hand to help install her retrospective at Guild Hall on Oct. 22. Jennifer Landes
Cornelia Foss’s “In the Studio,” from 1982, is the earliest painting in the show at Guild Hall. Barbara Jo Howard
Cornelia Foss’s “Oyster Shell” was painted in her studio three years before her husband died in 2009, but has the same somber tone of her recent works. Barbara Jo Howard Photos
A portrait of her husband, Lukas Foss, was painted the same year.

The play was adapted for the stage by John Steinbeck from his novel of the same title in 1937
Preston Truman Boyd and Terry Brockbank Samantha Young
John Steinbeck’s writing retreat on his property in Sag HarborKathryn Szoka

At the Southampton Cultural Center