The inherent conflicts in the play derive from classical sources
Chris Bauer stars in David Mamet’s “The Penitent” along with Rebecca Pidgeon at the Atlantic Theater in Manhattan. Doug Hamilton

A world similar to but more diverse than the traditional artistic mainstream
Philip Smallwood’s “Tension” is part of a series of detailed and perceptive studies of subjects in their environments at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor.

Three lectures that will examine a variety of relationships between domestic life and gardens
“Redouté to Warhol: Bunny Mellon’s Botanical Art” will be Madoo's first winter lecture on Sunday. Madoo

The 10 artists in the exhibition, all of whom work on the South Fork, engage the idea of place with a diversity of approaches and mediums
The diffusion of light and the process of layering in Christopher French’s “Arranging the Aftermath” metaphorically suggest the East End.

Originally conceived as a document to save a mural that Rosset worked on until his death in 2012
In the documentary “Barney’s Wall,” David Amram discussed Barney Rosset’s mural and played a hulusi, an ancient Chinese flute, in tribute to him and his artistic achievements. Jennifer Landes

Events at Guild Hall

Helen Charash is featured in the documentary “Eva Hesse,” which will be screened at the Southampton Arts Center tomorrow.
Although she spent many of her early years as an artist making paintings, Hesse’s time in an old fabric factory in Germany would come to shape her mature work in sculpture. Zeitgeist Films Photos
Above, Helen Charash, Eva Hesse’s sister. Below, Hesse studied with Josef Albers at Yale.

Local Art News

The Watermill Center’s series of talks at Robert Wilson’s loft in Manhattan

At Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor