According to ABC News, genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the United States after gardening
A.J. Jacobs Lem Lattimer
A.J. Jacobs, who is pictured in each photo, found familial connections between the likes of, from left, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Olivia Wilde, and Daniel Radcliffe, among many, many others.

A debut essay collection on life after death
Thomas Mira y Lopez Ellee Achten

By Dan Giancola
Philip Schultz Monica Banks
By Richard Barons
Kerriann Flanagan Brosky Thomas Decker Studio
Left, the hanging of Capt. William Kidd in England. Right, a portrait of Charles G. Kelsey, famously tarred and feathered — and worse — in 1872. East Hampton Library Long Island Collection, Huntington Historical Society Archives

By Evan Harris
Bill Henderson
Giving young writers the tutelage and feedback they need to put their manuscripts through the ultimate transformation

By Sally Susman
Francine Klagsbrun Joan Roth
Golda Meir opening the Tel Aviv-Netanya road in Israel in 1950. Rudi Weissenstein, Photo House
Golda Meir as the Statue of Liberty in an Americanization pageant held in Milwaukee in 1919 to welcome new citizens. Wisconsin Historical Society
By Antonia Petrash
Ann Sandford Kathryn Szoka
The Ezekiel Sandford house in Bridgehampton was built circa 1680 by Nathan Sanford’s great-grandfather. Sally Spanburgh
Kay Eldredge Salter