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Deirdre Bair Brennan Cavanaugh

By Will Schutt
Anka Muhlstein Bettina Strauss
Mr. Hamburg, who took up photography in his retirement after 50 years in communications law, has made his hobby somewhat of a second career, with several exhibitions also to his credit
Eric Fischl and April Gornik are one of several East End couples featured in Morton Hamburg’s new book, “Commitment.” Morton Hamburg

By Gary Reiswig
Elizabeth Holtzman David Rodgers
By Michael Z. Jody
Chris Knopf Meagan Longcore
A series of readings and talks at Stony Brook Southampton

By Christopher T. Cory
It was clear sailing for a youthful Claire Reed, who took several trips to Europe aboard the Queen Mary. The political storms were far off on the horizon.
At the Bluestockings Bookstore

By Will Schutt
Mark Doty Mark Lacy