By Phyllis Raphael
Dani Shapiro Kate Uhry
A fictionalized history of the end of the haulseining way of life in East Hampton
One of Cynthia Loewen’s 20-plus illustrations in Marsha King’s “A Fine Day for Fishing” shows Capt. Dan King’s flag dory at a protest in Amagansett in 1992 over the banning of haulseining.

By Bill Henderson
Louis Begley
Local book news

Although it is the autobiographical story of a life, the book is marked by the absence of the first person
Suzanne McNear Durell Godfrey

Local book news

By Carole O’Malley Gaunt
Joan Cusack Handler
The book is dominated as much by Mr. Levy’s internationalism as by a sense of the doggedness of the past
Frank Levy and his parents, Fritz and Hilda, in Berlin in 1936.

In the Bridgehampton Community House

By Lucas Hunt
Carole Stone