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Days after he filed a lawsuit to sue the other Beatles, Paul McCartney surveyed his farm in Scotland with his wife, Linda, and sheepdog, Martha. Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Paul McCartney, far right, and Wings, the post-Beatles band that included his wife, Linda (seated), toured Europe in an open-topped bus in 1972. Bentley Archive/PopperFoto/Getty Images

A probing personal look at a family that lived what many would consider the dream life in the center of mid and late-20th-century creativity but paid a price
Gabrielle Selz with her father, Peter Selz. Nan Phelps
.Mark Rothko and his son Christopher in Sag Harbor, 1964.
Tanya and Gabrielle Selz in Sag Harbor in 1964.
Thalia Cheronis Selz, known to most as LaLa, toweling herself in Sag Harbor.

At the Amagansett Library

By Hilma Wolitzer
Zachary Lazar Deborah Luster
At the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton

At Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor

At the East Hampton Town Marine Museum

By Kurt Wenzel
Adam Begley Jane Berridge
The emotional heart of “Eleven Days” beats to the dispirited tempos of a mother’s love, pride, and fear for her son
Lea Carpenter Cliff Brokaw

By Francis Levy
Kurt Vonnegut Jennifer S. Altman/Contour by Getty Images