By Biddle Duke
By Biddle Duke
William Finnegan The New Yorker
William Finnegan surfing Tavarua, Fiji, in 2002.Ken Seino
At Grajagan, Java, 1979.Mark Cordesius
By Michael Z. Jody
Anne Roiphe Cristobal Vivar
Local book news

At Harbor Books in Sag Harbor

By Sally Susman
Arlene Alda Alan Alda
She’s written one memoir already (“Stepmonster”), so she’ll write another, from inside-out, about the Park Avenue mothers she’s hoping to befriend
Wednesday Martin Elena Seibert

By Philip Schultz
Win two tickets to Authors Night by tweeting us with your favorite quote from an author who will be at the fund-raiser for the East Hampton Library. David E. Rattray

By Stephen Rosen