Advertising masquerading as a happy holiday production for the whole family

There are plenty of straight-up maniacs, but there are also good, thoughtful people on Twitter

Mary had recorded it, and so it was with a light heart that I headed down the hall

I received two suspicious emails in a row that weren’t connected with anything I recognized

“I do a lot of my socializing at the dump,”

A vehicle followed me slowly with its headlights on, lighting my path up the dark lane

It is likely that the fabrications on Facebook and elsewhere thrived in part in a vacuum left by the diminished condition of state and local coverage

“Ad astrum per aspera"

Shelter Island welcomed me with the charming feel of a New England seaside village

We take a leaf from the first Thanksgiving by keeping everything — as we have done since long, long before “locavore” became a word — local and homemade