Seeing the landscape from a new perspective

"I was arguing with myself. And that, worse, I was losing the argument.”

“I want to give them a beautiful dream . . . to change this black color at least into gray,”

A world away from “the Hamptons.”

The frequent view expressed by journalists and pundits seems at odds with the little that I know firsthand about Mrs. Clinton

Yes, it is hard to find that still center in the spinning world when you’re looking for a parking space on a rainy day

Geek culture is making its way mainstream; it’s actually okay to be a nerd now
The writer, pictured at right dressed as a "trill" from Star Trek, and her boyfriend, Michael Gutman, left, paid $60 for a signed portrait and photograph with Brent Spiner, center, the actor who played "Lieutenant Commander Data" on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The tenets of ethical journalism seem to have gone haywire

The sound of the birds

You’ve got to accept what is, whatever is it is, whether it’s unpredictable tides, strong headwinds, frigid water, utter darkness. . . .