Am I the only one who finds the whole aliens-or-zombies-or-evil-wiz­ards-have-taken-over-the-world plot line to be not just a downer, but a total bore?

“that I go for the raised lids may be owing to the fact that I’m older now and have less testosterone.”

I wrote that sentence over 20 years ago, channeling, I suppose, a little Edgar Allan Poe, with a dash of John Lennon

We began to make a huge Thanksgiving party our own Rattray family ritual

“You can’t make them read it”

“Maybe I’ll root for Ohio State. . . .”

Raised or flat
Which lid do you choose? Taylor K. Vecsey

I wasn’t just thrown secretly into a panic; I was aghast

A sign that it was time once again to go gathering

Two kids is no joke
Violet, left, and Theo, the writer's two children