Geek culture is making its way mainstream; it’s actually okay to be a nerd now
The writer, pictured at right dressed as a "trill" from Star Trek, and her boyfriend, Michael Gutman, left, paid $60 for a signed portrait and photograph with Brent Spiner, center, the actor who played "Lieutenant Commander Data" on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The tenets of ethical journalism seem to have gone haywire

The sound of the birds

You’ve got to accept what is, whatever is it is, whether it’s unpredictable tides, strong headwinds, frigid water, utter darkness. . . .

I have actually grown weary, in my old age, of talking on the phone at all

We had built our house on Gardiner’s Bay in the early ’60s and it is still a paradise to me

Other than a couple of gulls strutting around looking for a late-day scrap, I was alone

His inner landscape expands in direct relationship to the quality of his surroundings and the freedom they offer.
Carissa Katz

She loves the beach, for its suspension of time and for the feeling there of general good will

The two-story house is on a wooded lot of about an acre, and they bought it for $270,000