We’d buried our cat, Little Man, by the tree trunk, on which he used to lie, seemingly asleep on his side, slit-eyed, ever watchful

Where was the excitement in real life? Where were the passion-filled, standing-in-the-pouring-rain, tear-jerking moments?

“the Hamptons,”

The late Peter Matthiessen called them collectively wind birds

They’ve been talking about us getting Twitter accounts here lately

Forbearance isn’t my forte

The slogans of our time are indications of profound recalculation of our collective mores

Fact is, no one is doing much of anything, from East Hampton to New York City Hall

I don’t think I recall East Hampton High’s fields being so intensely used in the summertime

My own stories started in 1989 when I was 8 years old and my family began taking summer trips to the South Fork