I had been reading a book on “Fear” by Thich Nhat Hanh, and that may have something to do with it

I can see him — in crisp, creased pants, a striped tee and one of his pastel Izod cardigans, wheeling his bag, on a hand cart, to the car

I have a love/hate relationship with most technology

Home! Second Home!

Seven-on-7 is a fast game, and plenty physical

Why let perfectly good East Hampton rescue boats sit unused, then get stuck in yet another local museum?

Smart cars had appeared in Brooklyn a few years earlier, and I thought they were fantastic

There is joy there among the 9 and 10-year-old boys, puppies leaping about, directionless but full of life, that is hard to find elsewhere

Symbols of light

Up on Martha’s Vineyard, whose excellent Vineyard Gazette is a favorite at The Star, things seem just as bad