Life goes on

East Hampton began its meandering path to going to the cats mostly in the modern historical sense of time

What would Miss Manners say about taking advantage of someone else’s privacy goof?

The scale and “screw you” message of the proposal brings to mind the epic battle here in the 1980s and early ’90s over Barcelona Neck

Thus the seasons are for us rearranged, and the waning of summer, what for many is a signal of decline, brings promise here

It’s right there in the Sept. 13, 1973, issue of The Star, there in the Montauk notes. You can look it up.

“Full of Character for a Lot Less in Bayonne, N.J.”

A clear band of dusty white hung from above the horizon to the south, all the way to straight overhead

Clarity is not one of my strong suits, though I do rather like claret

Our little hamlet was saturated with all types of people, making me wonder at what point we reach full capacity