There was no way it was ever going to remain 10 pounds as an adult, as the Texas trailer park breeder they had found on the Internet said it would

‘Paradise Lost’

By the time you are on your second house, you have learned enough from the first one to apply that knowledge to the next one

A place where others have lived and gardened before

It is always interesting to see how Martha's Vineyard, not all that dissimilar from the East End of Long Island, copes with some of the same pressures

The further the seasonal feeling of invasion encroaches, the more one needs a private place, away from the madding crowd

“the whiteness of the true dawn is reflected, causing the viewer to forget his desire to move towards the highest heaven.”

We have come a long way since the days of meatball subs and gallon cans of pudding

The cold months had not affected the resident backyard annoyances in any meaningful way that I could discern

I, for one, was ready for things to begin