I envisioned myself walking along the edge of the surf, accompanied by a canine pal

The icing on the cake

With little else to do during these times, I am eating my way around both hamlets’ restaurants and scoping out the best wireless Internet hot spots

Dante, like Aristotle, “affirmed that the particular goal of mankind as a whole [was] to realize to the fullest all the potentialities of intellect.”

My idea of prep work was what I did before cooking a meal at home — chopping vegetables, washing salad greens, peeling potatoes

Eleanor’s Legacy supports, and helps train, pro-choice Democratic women who are candidates for state and local rather than national office

They are going to need a bigger boat if it gets any more popular

Here’s to the soft-dying day, and to gathering what buddies ye may, for Old Time’s a-flying

Reading “Fifty Shades,” brought me back to when I used to have to hide my Jacqueline Susann novels from my mother

By Bruce Buschel