The research is pretty clear that every year without a cigarette improves your chances at longevity

Those of us with iceboats tucked away in garages and barns have been busy digging them out and heading for Mecox Bay.

They were ready to move on, and so are we

The nuns were right

I am fascinated by numbers, expecting them to provide a story of their own or, at the very least, to tell us something that words alone cannot say

Cam Jewett was 102 when she died of pneumonia on Jan. 27 at Southampton Hospital — and what a fine, long life she had

“From the Mountaintop.”

I wonder in this waterfall of words, if we don’t, at some point, drown out the sound of our own voices

Keeping the lines on boats stored without kinks or twists is one of the first things sailors learn

Today, word of a death can be instantaneous once it is published online.