I was one of those seemingly millions of snot-nosed adolescents who had their worlds turned upside down after being given a copy of “The Catcher in the Rye”

It slowly dawned on me that I thought I was talking to . . . someone else

Many of the animals appeared glad to see us, bored, I presume.

Flying is such an ordeal these days that your destination damn well better be paradisiacal in order to justify the great annoyances you’ve got to undergo

The long holiday season is over, the wind whispered, and the deep freeze is on

It is wonderful to travel so far so quickly, but terrible to have to leap over all the hurdles it throws in your way

Time was, Promised Land, facing northwest on the shore of Gardiner’s Bay, was a port of some importance

“What do I really want to do now? Or in the future?”

We did not adopt him; he adopted us

Almost nothing could have pleas­ed me more as the holidays came on than to see several of my grandchildren in performances