I would make a more reflective Hamlet now

The best of the fluke fisherman come in all varieties ranging from priest to dubious to the lucky child who lands a doormat

Not only beauty but guilt and innocence can be in the eye of the beholder

Innersleeve Records, as the place is called, appears to be doing solid business

Blake said there are two sorts — tyrants and the acquiescent victims of tyrants

“Your cat is dead. Do you want our cat?”

Who really needs a drawerful of cheesecloth and canning-jar wax that predates the Vietnam War?

In the world of print, if one publication copies another’s original content, and reruns it with its own advertising, it is considered intellectual property theft

It was Peter Matthiessen, I think, who said that we should consider ourselves lucky if we were awake five minutes a day

Is this stealing?