Away in a bad way — a speeding-uncontrollably-into-open-water, away-forever bad way

In a “readers choice” survey by Condé Nast Traveler, “the Hamptons” was rated as the eighth most unfriendly city in the United States among a list of 10

Nights like this always puzzle me

Leif is a doer of good leavened with a sly sense of humor

My mother tends her garden lovingly, putting as much effort into it as she does her two daughters

“The Fantasticks” had already opened at the Sullivan Street Theater in Manhattan, in May of 1960, when it came to Guild Hall in August

We spend so much time here complaining about traffic or prices or whatever that we sometimes forget about the outside world

Poseyville’s fishermen lived in small houses. Who cared? They had the sea and the bays and the creeks.

“a host of golden daffodils”

We are but prawns in a game ruled by big fish.