Montauk oceanfront-hotel owners want millions from the federal government’s Hurricane Sandy relief bill to build a sea wall

Will a candidate ensure that policy-making is done in the public view, and that the wishes of taxpayers and residents are taken into better consideration?

The town code is unequivocal: Nonconforming businesses like Cyril’s, which predate the adoption of zoning, are allowed to continue as long as they are not expanded

Allow town employees to do their jobs free of political interference

Just why Town Hall thought it had the responsibility to deal with the problem in the first place is a bit of a mystery

Far too many questionable things

The vast preponderance of climate scientists agree that the threat is real — and coming fast

The fact that the rehabilitation center has continued to operate undermines the credibility of the town’s land-use rules

Town Hall decided to have the fetid mass of bone and blubber cut up and carted away

Prospects for progress on even the most mundane issues is minimized