Mr. Cantwell cited the town’s comprehensive plan and inclusion in a statewide scenic areas inventory as ample justification for a halt to the project

East Hampton Town should push back — hard

The State of New York, despite a projected budget surplus in the coming fiscal year, appears poised to cut environmental funding

Deep pits lie in wait for tires and rims

East Hampton Town’s comprehensive plan, adopted in 2005, flat-out says no to rezoning any parcels in Amagansett for new commercial development.

The failure of the Department of Environmental Conservation to provide leadership in this matter should raise significant questions among state lawmakers about the agency’s function and capabilities

Accidents involving not-snow-ready vehicles and inexperienced or even unlicensed drivers have been plenty since the beginning of the year

The project could produce on the order of 40 megawatts of electricity

We should treat our visitors as we wish to be treated ourselves

Most officials here have accepted the 2-percent tax-increase cap as a fact of life, but it is nothing short of a revolution in two decimal places