At Georgica in East Hampton Village, s’mores sticks and assorted debris surrounded both the bins on the beach and those in the parking lot

The East Hampton Town Board will hold a hearing tonight on whether to follow the village’s lead and require all beach fires to be kindled within metal containers

Doing more about water pollution is a good thing; this bill is the wrong way to fund it

Forcing the party indoors would give enforcement the upper hand

A massive boondoggle

A list of a few things that get the staff’s collective goat

“multigenerational playground.”

Amplified music is prohibited at large gatherings for which permits must be obtained

One after another speaker stood to implore the town board to do whatever it could to save Montauk

The charm and sense of place that have characterized the village since its time as a thriving port is being threatened by overblown Hamptons-style construction