Concerned Citizens of Montauk and the local Surfrider Foundation released test results this week that found elevated bacteria in a dreen that crosses a popular ocean beach and at several places in Lake Montauk

Over all, votes for the challenger can be read as messages of dissatisfaction with the governor’s approach to leadership, agenda, and priorities

Officials are revising a draft of a law that would require landlords to register with the town

The initiatives could improve marine and estuarine habitats, reduce potential erosion-control costs, and limit calls for government bailouts after catastrophic storms

An absence of long-term vision including a meaningful commitment to renewable sources and reducing greenhouse emissions

The rationale behind setting out zones where seawalls were allowed and where they were not was based on considerable observation and thought

Massive and continual traffic headaches support the casual observation that far more people were here between June and Labor Day than ever before

It is about time and should send a message that the rules matter and will be enforced.

Incidents of racial and ethnic profiling are a persistent stain on the United States’ ideals

Between Jan. 1 and Aug. 4 helicopter traffic jumped by almost 44 percent over the same period in 2013