While construction has long been finished on East Hampton High School, a lawsuit over a construction contract with Sandpebble Builders lasted many more years, ending last week with a jury decision that the East Hampton School District has to pay $750,750 to the company. Kate Maier in 2009

East Hampton High School students are in some trouble following senior pranks on Thursday, school officials said. Christine Sampson

Christine Sampson

Christine Sampson

Beth Doyle, left, the principal at the John M. Marshall Elementary School in East Hampton, said she is looking forward to working with Russell Morgan, right, the newly appointed assistant principal. Christine Sampson

The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center in East Hampton Village Christine Sampson

The Montauk School was well represented in the Long Island Science Congress this year. Pictured from left to right are Todd Brunn, a Montauk School sixth-grade teacher who served as a judge in the contest, Lea Mancini, Lucia Ibrahim, Iza Sessler, Sophia Botero, Samantha Prince, and Kendall Stedman, Joe Malave, the Montauk School science teacher, and Nolan King and Thomas Desmond.

Pierson High School Christine Sampson

After-school sessions with Inda Eaton open kids' ears to magic of composing
With Inda Eaton at the guitar, kids worked on lyrics during an Ideas to Inspire songwriting session led by Ms. Eaton at the Project Most after-school program. Doug Kuntz
Kids lined up to sing their parts in a song composed and recorded during an Ideas to Inspire songwriting session led by Inda Eaton at the Springs and East Hampton Project Most after-school programs recently. Doug Kuntz
In Springs, where there is a school drumming circle, the kids and musicians pulled out the conga drums.Joanne Pilgrim
Students brainstormed song ideas with Inda Eaton.Doug Kuntz
Ms. Eaton at the guitarDoug Kuntz
B. Rehm-Gerdes, a member of Ms. Eaton's band, addressed the musical elements of songwriting,Joanne Pilgrim