The faucets in four sinks in the Bridgehampton School's chemistry laboratory, like the one seen here during a Sept. 14 tour of the school, were replaced after initially testing high for lead content. Christine Sampson

A second community forum to discuss its proposed expansion plans with residents

Residents will vote yes or no on giving the school district permission to tap its capital reserve fund for $365,000 to supplement the money that was initially approved by bond referendum in November 2013

Sessions begin on Tuesday in the school building at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Buell Lane from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m.

One fountain, six sinks exceed state limits
Amagansett School Christine Sampson

Students showed improvement in algebra, physics, chemistry, and United States history
East Hampton High School Christine Sampson

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Cool fill may replace crumb rubber as school pursues controversial athletic field
The Sag Harbor School Board continued this week to discuss the controversial artificial turf athletic field that is slated to replace the grass field at Pierson Middle and High School, pictured above. Christine Sampson