Dillon Kab’s first project was Ties for a Cure to benefit the Max Cure Foundation, which supports pediatric cancer patients and their families at the Stony Brook University Cancer Center. Dillon Kab
Dillon Kab, center, is pictured with Dr. Laura Hogan, a specialist in hematology, oncology, and pediatrics, and Richard Plotkin, founder of the Max Cure Foundation, at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Christine Sampson

Class sizes prompt demand for instructors

­Christine Sampson

Basilia Garcia, left, and her daughter Yennefer Rodriguez, a seventh grader at the East Hampton Middle School, showed a drawing that earned Yennefer a winning spot in an art competition sponsored by the American Printing House for the Blind. Christine Sampson

An agency that could permit such an abuse of authority, and invitation to corruption, would appear to have systemic failings

Tenizn Yignyen, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, constructed a sand mandala to teach students at the Ross School the importance of compassion and a good heart. Christopher Walsh

A long to-do-list but there’s no plan to pay for work
Jodie Hallman, standing at left, and Susan Harder, at right, presented the recommendations of the Springs School facilities committee on Monday night, which included adding modular classrooms to solve the district’s immediate space needs. Christine Sampson