Hailey London, the Springs School's greenhouse manager, showed kindergarteners how to water plants during a classroom activity in April. Christine Sampson

Springs defeats $2 million for traffic control plan
John Ryan Sr. was sworn-in immediately after being elected to a two-year term on the East Hampton School Board.
A voter got ready to cast his ballot in the Springs School Board election and budget vote on Tuesday night.Christine Sampson

A crew from Smart Sports Surfacing began working this week on the fence that will surround the junior sports field. Christine Sampson

Jerome Liggon led nearly three months of drum circle lessons with students in grades three and four at the Amagansett School. The lessons culminated with a performance on Monday. Christine Sampson

Christine Sampson

In East Hampton, the ballot counting began just after 8 p.m. From left, John Bouvier and Laura Oliverio, both election inspectors, reviewed an election receipt with Kerri Stevens, the district clerk. Christine Sampson