Pierson High School is one of many schools that will have a two-hour delayed start on Monday morning following the weekend's snowstorm. Christine Sampson

Melvin Robinson, an elder and pianist with the Genesis Choir, helped lead a tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Ross Lower School on Monday. Ross School

Beth Doyle, right, the principal at the John M. Marshall Elementary School, was granted tenure on Tuesday night. There with her were her husband, Michael Guinan, an assistant principal at Pierson High School, and their daughter, Olive. Christine Sampson

Fourth-grade opera takes on recent past
Yanddel Atariguana, front left, and Isaac Rodriguez, front right, star in “The Peacock’s Tale” as Joseph and Porfirio Goncalvez, two boys who immigrated from Portugal to Springs in 1962 and who became the inspiration for this year’s fourth-grade opera. Durell Godfrey