Meredith Hasemann, a writer, musician, and artist who teaches eighth-grade English at the East Hampton Middle School, has a poem in the 2015 edition of “Best American Poetry.” Christine Sampson

Natural gas, solar panels, and district says it won’t cost taxpayers a dime
East Hampton High School Christine Sampson

‘We’re ready to rock and roll,’ East Hampton Middle School principal says
Charles Soriano, the principal of the East Hampton Middle School, greeted students on Tuesday as they arrived for the first day of the 2015-16 school year. Morgan McGivern

Teresita Winter has been hired by the East Hampton School District to act as a liaison between its schools and families who speak Spanish at home. Christine Sampson

Third and fourth-grade students from the John M. Marshall Elementary School showed off the books they chose during the Greater East Hampton Education Foundation’s Author in Hand program in March of 2013. Christine Sampson

Many students arrived bearing rolled-up posterboard projects, their first assignments for the new school year. Christine Sampson
Rob Jahoda, the East Hampton Village traffic control supervisor, helped students heading to their first day at the East Hampton Middle School cross Newtown Lane safely Tuesday morning.Morgan McGivern
Rob Jahoda, the East Hampton Village traffic control supervisor, was back at his post in front of the middle school. It is his 10th year on the job.Morgan McGivern
Lynn Charveriat of Wainscott got a hug from her sons, Dylan Hepburn and Alexander Hepburn, on their first day at the John M. Marshall Elementary School.Christine Sampson
Parents and their children lined up outside John Marshall Tuesday morning, waiting for the doors to open and the new school year to begin.Christine Sampson
Students trickled in at East Hampton High School as early as 9:10 a.m. on Tuesday. School didn't officially start until 9:40 due to a meeting with the district superintendent.Christine Sampson
Temperatures Tuesday morning were still warm enough for many students to wear summer attire on their first day of school.Christine Sampson
Charles Soriano, the East Hampton Middle School principal, helped welcome students on the first day of classes.Morgan McGivern
One young student brought her new Hello Kitty backpack for her first day at John Marshall. Morgan McGivern

The school, under the direction of Sara Jo Strickland, offers classical ballet and a new contemporary dance track for ages 3 to 18