Local School News
The cast of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” which will be performed Wednesday at Guild Hall. Keri Lamparter

Local events for children

The class of 2012 looked on as the high school principal, Adam Fine, his neck draped with beads given to him by the departing students, made closing comments at the East Hampton High School commencement ceremony on Saturday. Sunny Khalsa

Local events for children

Laura Anker Grossman stepped down from the East Hampton School Board on Tuesday night after 20 years. Her husband, Stephen Grossman, and grandson, Mizel Faison, attended the meeting. Bridget LeRoy

Happenings for school aged children

Elizabeth Vespe on guitar and Elizabeth Walker on vocals, two East Hampton High School students, are recording professionally after being discovered on YouTube. Frank Vespe

Springs School will announce appointment by the end of week