Film Festival

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Keith Stanfield, Bel Powley, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Abbott, and Thomas Mann on the red carpet prior to the event Morgan McGivern photos
Bob Balaban and Peggy Siegel were in attendance.
Keith Stanfield and Morgan Freeman
Stuart Match Suna
Bel Powley

A still from "A German Youth"
Ulrike Meinhof from "A German Youth"

Michele Mitchell, left, and Diane Louvel, right, were on hand for the world premiere of "The Uncondemned," a documentary focusing on the classification of rape as a war crime. Ms. Mitchell co-directed the film along with Nick Louvel, the brother of Ms. Louvel. Mr. Louvel died in a recent car accident. Morgan McGivern

Charlie Kaufman, left, participated in a post-screening discussion with his co-director Duke Johnson and Tom Noonan, who voiced a majority of the characters in the film. Jennifer Landes
A still from the filmHamptons International Film Festival
Charlie Kaufman walking into the theaterMorgan McGivern
Tom Noonan and friend on the red carpetMorgan McGivern

Amber Heard and Christopher Walken play daughter and father in "When I Live my Life Over Again." Hamptons International Film Festival

Dennis Quaid plays Roger Charles in "Truth." He came to the festival opening night to talk about the film. Morgan McGivern
Left to right: Elisabeth Moss as Lucy Scott, Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, Topher Grace as Mike Smith and Dennis Quaid as Lt. Colonel Roger Charles Lisa Tomasetti, RatPac Truth LLC/Sony Pictures Classics
Bobby Flay, Anne Chaisson, and Josh CharlesMorgan McGivern
Brad Fischer, a producer of the filmMorgan McGivern
Blythe Danner and Stuart Match Suna, the outgoing chairman of the festival arrived at the red carpet on Thursday night.
David Nugent, Anne Chaisson, Dennis QuaidMorgan McGivern
In a panel after the film, Dennis Quaid joined Brad Fischer, James Vanderbilt, and David Nugent for a discussion of the film.Jennifer Landes
The after party at Club PhliippeMorgan McGivern

Jenny Ljungberg, owner of c/o Hotels and host of the party, with Stuart Match Suna, chairman of the festival's board of directors Morgan McGivern
Thomas Froyland and festival filmmakers Kate Barker-Froyland ("Song One") and Laura Mohai ("Pigs")Morgan McGivern
Ilona Gedutiene and Kiefer Sutherland
c/o the Maidstone welcomes dogs as warmly as it does people.Morgan McGivern
Sienna Ljungberg was the star of the party.Morgan McGivern
In anticipation of a rainy dayMorgan McGivern
The party is in full swing.Morgan McGivern

Anne Chaisson, the Hamptons International Film Festival's executive director, Theodore Melfi, Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Murray, and David Nugent, the festival's artistic director Morgan McGivern
A festival board member Judith S. Giuliani and Stuart Match Suna, board chairman, on the red carpet
Bill Murray pondered a question.Morgan McGivern
Theodore Melfi, director of "St. Vincent"Morgan McGivern
David Nugent and a future child star?Morgan McGivern
Jaeden Lieberher and David NugentMorgan McGivern

David Gulpilil portrays Charlie, an indigenous Australian unable to adapt to the changing culture of his community.
Charlie and Black Pete return from a successful hunting expedition, only to lose everything to the police.
Charlie leads the police to the camp of two white drug traffickers, but it does nothing to improve his standing with the authorities.