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The Feast of the Seven Fishes is believed to have originated in southern Italy, perhaps Naples or Sicily

Local Food News

Local Food News
Max Blagg will be the next host of Almond’s Artists & Writers Night on Tuesday.

Who knew sake was so varied, so complicated, so complex?
Ryunosuke Jesse Matsuoka is one of the very few sake sommeliers in New York, quite possibly the only one on Long Island. Laura Donnelly

The best of the best
Much-loved recipes can often look like a favorite stuffed toy or blanket: frayed at the edges, faded, and stained. Laura Donnelly

Local Food News

Spend the day immersed in clammy activities
Some of the clams offered at the Largest Clam Contest on Sunday. Morgan McGivern
Why not end a day devoted to clams at Bostwick’s, for more in the form of fried clam bellies? Laura Donnelly

Local food news
Chef Michael Rozzi of East Hampton’s 1770 House was recently invited to cook at the James Beard House in Manhattan. One of his locally sourced dishes was Berkshire pork with smoked Halsey Farm apples and root vegetables. Clay Williams

Make a checklist and timeline
If a friend or relative makes the best Brussels sprouts dish, by all means have them bring it for Thanksgiving. That goes for desserts and breads, and wines for those with a good nose and cellar. Laura Donnelly