This has been one of the best years for beach plums
Beach plums, now in abundance, make great jams, chutneys, and crostatas, and can even be infused into vodka. Laura Donnelly

Local Food News

The service on the night of our visit was impeccable
The 1770 House in East Hampton has several dining options, indoors or outdoors, and “two adorable smiling hostesses” — Ingrid Pizarro and Katherine Sequero. Morgan McGivern Photos
Eating outside by the fountain is one of the many ways diners can enjoy themselves at the 1770 House. Morgan McGivern

Local Food News

A gourmet food truck that does catering and sells from Montauk’s Lions Field and other prime spots
In addition to opening the Sea Bean food truck, Shawn and Courtney Christman were married last year and have a baby on the way. Janis Hewitt

It walks the walk
Cletus McKeown presides over the bar and much more as the owner of North Sea Tavern and Raw’r Bar. Morgan McGivern
Heirloom tomatoes and burrata is one of the North Sea Tavern and Raw’r Bar’s complicated but delicious small plates. Morgan McGivern

Local Food News
Quail Hill Farm held its annual benefit dinner, At the Common Table‚ in its orchard on Sunday. Guests sat at one long undulating table that stretched for yards and dined on offerings from Almond’s Jason Weiner, Nick and Toni’s Joe Realmuto, The Star’s Laura Donnelly, and many others who used the farm’s produce as the basis for their courses. Durell Godfrey

Local Food News
The Amagansett Food Institute reopened the new Amagansett Farmers Market on Aug. 1
Kathleen Masters, right, and Kim Donahue Carissa Katz

Not very classy
The Backyard restaurant at Solé East in Montauk was empty because everyone wanted to eat by the pool. Morgan McGivern