Andres and Cheryl Bedini have been roasting Java Nation’s beans from the start, a way to ensure the freshness of the coffee they sell and serve. Taylor K. Vecsey

Saaz is attractive and friendly and, best of all, serves good Indian food
Ganesh, the Elephant-headed Hindu god, welcomes diners to Saaz in Southampton. Morgan McGivern
Saaz has reasonable prices, a welcoming staff, and a good mix of spices, textures, and colors in its food. Morgan McGivern

Local Food News

“In January 2013 a single bluefin tuna sold in Tokyo for $1.76 million.”
Tuna may hit the deck (Gosman’s in this case) in vast amounts, but it is wise to eat it sparingly while enjoying it raw, grilled, in salads, or even in a casserole. T.E. McMorrow

Local Food News

Healthy Child Healthy World was started 22 years ago by James and Nancy Chuda
Gigi Lee Chang, Bun Lai, Ashley Koff, and Mark Hyman spoke about healthy eating for the whole family during a lunch last week to benefit the nonprofit Healthy Child Healthy World. Lucia Akard

The restaurant is a seasonal pop-up at La Maison Blanche on Shelter Island
Katana, in La Maison Blanche Hotel, satisfies an urge for sushi on Shelter Island. Morgan McGivern

Local Food News

The vineyard takes its name from the dry river valley in which it is located
Stonecrop, a New Zealand winery owned by two Montaukers, has just released a rosé. Lucia Akard
Sally Richardson and Andrew Harris, the owners of Stonecrop Wines, split their time between their home in Montauk and their vineyard in New Zealand. Tom Martin