Blood orange margaritas from Little Red in Southampton Courtesy of Wordhampton

It was only a matter of time before the production of spirits found its way to the South Fork
Jason Cyril Laan and Michael McQuade devised their own recipe for rum, infusing a neutral spirit they import from Trinidad with a secret blend of flavors. Morgan McGivern

A series of panel discussions presented by the Peconic Land Trust and sponsored by Edible East End
Joe Tremblay, left, and Sean Barrett participated in the “Fruits of the Sea” panel, part of a series organized by Kathy Kennedy for the Peconic Land Trust. Laura Donnelly
Dean Foster is transforming 15 acres north of the highway into the headquarters for the Sagg Distillery.

Local Food News

Chances are, if you just celebrated Easter or Passover you are now saddled with a variety of leftovers
Peeps sushi is one creative approach to Easter’s abundance of critter candy that is best not tried at home — another is Peeps-infused vodka. David Goehring
Such beautiful colored eggs, soon to be featured in an egg salad sandwich. Pamela Carls

Local Food News

Horseradish has historically been a hot commodity in Riverhead, with its large Polish and German communities
Tom O’Neill offered tastings and demonstrations of how the root is ground and then pureed with vinegar to create the familiar mixture. Debra Scott

Local Food News
Bloody Mary contestants provided creative garnishes, and rimmed their glasses with ingredients including paprika, seafood seasoning, and horseradish. Debra Scott

This was the most spectacular, staggeringly creative, delicious meal I have ever had in my life
One of the working farm buildings at Stone Barns that contribute to Dan Barber’s whimsical creations of the day, served at the Blue Hill restaurant there on slabs of bark, slate, tree trunks, and mini-tables, among other surfaces. Laura Donnelly Photo

The restaurant will serve healthful food like their shop and cafe on South Etna Avenue
Andrea Mavro of Naturally Good Foods and Cafe in Montauk promises the same attention to culinary detail in the kitchen and laid-back atmosphere in their new, second location. T.E. McMorrow