Coffee is, without a doubt, one of those drinks that people are extremely particular about
Dark roast brewing in a French press Laura Donnelly

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We surrender to junk food and spend too much
Airline food is generally less than exciting. Taking matters into one's own hands is a better way to go. Katte Belletje

The Guardsman will be introduced and dedicated to our local Coasties on Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. at Swallow East
Montauk Brewing Company’s Vaughan Cutillo Russell Drumm

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Thanks to Twitter, Mary's Marvelous in Amagansett had potential exposure to 1.7 million of Alec Baldwin's followers.
David E. Rattray

Do you just walk by the odder, wintry vegetables and head for the simpler, “safer,” more familiar ones like zucchini, lettuce, string beans, and so on?
An expanded winter vegetable repertoire Laura Donnelly

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While some Russian food can be delicious, it is generally very heavy due to long winters and a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables
Shashlyk is a classic Russian dish.

Local Food News
Shimon Pinhas, the founder and C.E.O. of Raw Chocolate Love Corp, served samples of his high-grade chocolate products at Provisions in Sag Harbor over the weekend during the village’s HarborFrost celebration. Morgan McGivern