A delight
Noah Schwartz, the chef-owner of Noah’s Morgan McGivern
Annie Sessler’s fish prints add a striking element to the decor at Noah’s.

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If you are about to send a child off to school or they are already on their own, here are some suggestions to help them navigate the world of “cooking and eating on your own.”
This “midnight breakfast” at Rutgers University typifies the filling but often unhealthy fare offered on many college campuses.

Local Food News

Local Food News
An image of Pierre Franey and Craig Claiborne, both of whom lived in East Hampton, is part of a gallery of images on a new website dedicated to Franey’s life and work as a chef through several decades.

A fortified wine, vermouth is a bit higher in alcohol than wine, and is aromatized with various botanicals
Laura Donnelly

Local Food News

Local Food News
Naughty or nice? After treating kids to doughnuts and cider during Santa’s visit to Rowdy Hall in East Hampton Saturday morning (and collecting donations to the Wounded Warrior Project), the restaurant’s staff members posed for their own picture with the jolly old elf. Carissa Katz

Bay Burger serves the simplest, stripped down (or dressed up) version of a burger you could possibly wish for
Bay Burger has filled a niche in the community: a pared-down, simple, fresh, and delicious burger joint. Morgan McGivern