Making Mousse
How one incorporates ingredients into a mousse is key to its success. Laura Donnelly

Deborah Aiza of Montauk formulates lemonades in a host of herbal flavors with her new company, Sweet ’Tauk.

Families like the casual feel and friendly atmosphere of the Harbor Grill, where ice cream floats and a healthy kids’ menu are as tasty and affordable as the $20 and under entrees for grown-ups. Morgan McGivern photos

Striped bass are now abundant in our waters. The fish has a sweet flavor compatible with many different ingredients. David E. Rattray

Hillary Levine and her partner, Sam Lester III, have started the Pantigo Farm Company in East Hampton. Morgan McGivern

Robin Blackley of East End Apiaries demonstrated how she cared for her “girls” on a recent visit. Bridget LeRoy