Early Spring’s Green Delights

The garden is now yielding sorrel, chives, two kinds of mint, sage, lemon thyme, rosemary that stayed green, and a few sweet little volunteer Johnny-jump-ups
In a mild winter such as this year’s, herbs like rosemary have not just survived but thrived through the colder months. David E. Rattray

Local Food News

A traditional paella dish
Alex Fausto and Paul LaBue joined Colin Mather, the owner of the Seafood Shop, in presenting a paella dish, one of the shop’s most popular classics. Mr. LaBue will soon be enhancing the menu with additional international dishes. Carrie Ann Salvi

Local Food News

Some unusual food combinations and recipes have been around for years.
A can of beer, a chicken, and a grill are a few of the more unusual combinations that some food enthusiasts swear by in making delicious dishes. Morgan McGivern

Fresh, healthy food doesn’t just taste and feel better, it looks prettier, too. Laura Donnelly

Mark Smith served as master of ceremonies between courses for the 10th annual Rowdy Hall beer dinner last Thursday night. Morgan McGivern