A fortified wine, vermouth is a bit higher in alcohol than wine, and is aromatized with various botanicals
Laura Donnelly

Local Food News

Local Food News
Naughty or nice? After treating kids to doughnuts and cider during Santa’s visit to Rowdy Hall in East Hampton Saturday morning (and collecting donations to the Wounded Warrior Project), the restaurant’s staff members posed for their own picture with the jolly old elf. Carissa Katz

Bay Burger serves the simplest, stripped down (or dressed up) version of a burger you could possibly wish for
Bay Burger has filled a niche in the community: a pared-down, simple, fresh, and delicious burger joint. Morgan McGivern

Local Food News

Conca D’Oro’s Fred Flintstone-size portions are well prepared in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Morgan McGivern

Family, Food, and Tradition in Mexico and South America
A child costumed in traditional Cuencano garb rides atop an elaborately decorated horse in el Pase del Nino Viajero, a massive daylong Christmas Eve pageant in Cuenca, Ecuador. Flickmor Photo
Christmastime means sweet tamales canarios and buñuelos at Beatriz Rivas’s house in East Hampton, and it’s the only time of year she’ll make those treats. Carissa Katz
In Mexico, song, merriment, and the light of sparklers fill the streets in the nine days before Christmas Eve as revelers travel from house to house in a lively re-enactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for lodging. Eneas Photo
Fruits, vegetables, sweets, and libations figure prominently in many of the Pase del Nino floats and costumes in Cuenca, Ecuador. Natacha Cornaz Photo
Suckling pig is carried through the streets cooked and ready for the Christmas Eve feast. Flickmor Photo
Patricia Moyano’s family photos from Christmases in Ecuador are reminders of how the holiday is celebrated there.

Cookies have been around since man figured out that grains, water, and hot stones could create a form of biscuit
Whether as gifts or in a buffet, no one can resist a great cookie, particularly at the holidays. Laura Donnelly

Local Food News