Guilty pleasures
The author’s friend Joey likes Frito pie.
Bologna sandwiches are one of David Chang’s guilty pleasures. Laura Donnelly

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Bean, or legume, soups can be virtuous and vegan, or enriched with cream
Legumes, plain or fancy, make an inexpensive, filling, and warming soup in the colder months. Laura Donnelly

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Meal planning was of supreme importance
When cooking on an island vacation, choose fresh produce from nearby for vibrantly colored salads and other creations. Laura Donnelly
A farm market and a good supermarket, if available, go a long way toward gathering supplies in an island paradise. Otherwise, bringing essentials is a good idea.Laura Donnelly

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Jerky, the Savage Treat

Jerking and smoking meats and fish can bring you back to a primal era

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Le Charlot is an attractive restaurant located in Southampton where Barrister’s used to be
A stylish room doesn’t mask indifferent service and “weird” food at Southampton’s Le Charlot restaurant. Morgan McGivern
The bar at Le Charlot, like the rest of the restaurant, looks hip and stylish. Morgan McGivern