Gosman's in Montauk is one of the many restaurants offering specials for dad on Father's Day. Durell Godfrey

Other shows were “forgetting the person behind the craft.”
George Hirsch, left, inspected an apple tree with John Halsey of the Milk Pail stand at his orchard in Mecox.

What used to be home of the best hangover eggs is now the home of awesome sushi and more.
Morgan McGivern
The upper deck of the Clam and Chowder House at Salivar’s Dock Morgan McGivern
Not much has changed in Salivar’s huge bar area. The massive mounted and hung fish remain, including the tail of a thresher shark and the jaws of great white shark. Morgan McGivern

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Fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, and pesto Morgan McGivern Photos
Doppio East in Sag Harbor is a bit lighter and more streamlined in decoration than its predecessor, Madison and Main.

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If I can hit two farmers markets over the weekend, I’ve got enough bounty to last through the week
A couple of stops at farmers markets, such as this one in Springs, can be enough to stock the kitchen for the week.

Having gone through numerous transformations over the last few years, the upstairs restaurant is now a spacious and streamlined place
Whether for a more formal dinner or an informal “gaze, slurp, and sip,” Bay Kitchen Bar offers many reasons to go to the space long occupied by Bostwick’s. Morgan McGivern

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Are they worth it?
Smoothies at Barcelona’s La Boqueria market Adam Wyles