On offer now are a variety of fruits and vegetables, specialty olive oils, Sweet ’tauk lemonade from Montauk, and Tate’s cookies
Marsha LaTessa with her pooch, Flora Durell Godfrey

“This is where people can come to relax from the downtown area. It’s very peaceful here,”
Polynesian cocktail anyone? Lynn Calvo is serving them up at the Hula Hut at the Montauk Marine Basin. Janis Hewitt

The key to a successful day (and evening) at the beach is what you bring
While some may opt for fancy, a beach picnic can be as simple as a Villa Combo or a leftover roast chicken. Durell Godfrey

Local Food News

It tries hard to provide local fish, poultry, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables
Todd Jacobs is the chef and owner of Fresh. Lexi Mucci, his daughter, is the manager. Morgan McGivern Photo

Local Food News

Share House, said its owner, Jacqueline Berchielli, is modeled after the shared summerhouse experience
David Blackmon Jr., the chef at Share House, brings a broad and deep culinary background to the new restaurant. Morgan McGivern

Now in its fourth year on its three acres, the nonprofit farm has signed a one-year lease on the stand with the East End Cooperative Organic Farm
Kristopher Bell and Jack Castoro have joined the staff of the Food Pantry Farm, becoming an integral part of its new undertaking, a charitable farm stand on Long Lane in East Hampton. Carrie Ann Salvi

Lunch at dinner prices
Silver’s, around since 1923, is as popular as ever. Morgan McGivern