The sunny side of eggs
Which came first? An Amagansett hen practiced the art of production. David E. Rattray

18 Bay is in a lovely restored farmhouse with big windows and a covered porch
Eighteen Bay has a set menu and a small but well-edited bar with a smattering of local wines, organic gin and vodka, and a very tasty cucumber gimlet. Morgan McGivern

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Happiness, From Book to Plate
Salade Tourangelle, from Robert Freson’s “The Taste of France,” is a selection of cooked artichoke hearts, asparagus, and green beans served with raw celery and mushrooms, each with its own separate vinaigrette. Robert Freson

The second five of my 10 favorite cookbooks
Laura Donnelly’s brother painted the watercolor for the frontispiece of Patricia Wells’s “Bistro Cookbook.” When it faded over time, he repainted it for her.

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A Foodie's Five Favorites

Some of my choices are sentimental, some books I simply love for their pictures, menus, and stories
Lee Bailey’s lovage and apple stuffed roasted chicken, from his book “Country Weekends,” is one of the writer’s favorite chicken recipes. Joshua Greene

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A welcome addition to East Hampton
The food at Highway Diner and Bar takes its inspiration from all over, including the chef’s native New Orleans and, with these braised beef tacos, the Southwest. Carrie Ann Salvi