A lot of our ignorance is due to a concept of humility that informs the Swedish temperament called janteelagen
At a Guild Hall event on Aug. 22, from left, Ruth Appelhof, Matthew Broderick, and the Swedish chef Paul Svensson joined Andrew Reice for a photo. Adriel Reboh

Local Food News

I am better and more confident at cooking with limited equipment and pared down supplies

Local Food News
Outstanding in the Field, a California outfit that hosts farm-to-table dinners at outdoor spots around the country, stopped in at the East End Community Organic Farm in East Hampton on Sept. 10, where Jason Weiner, left, of Almond in Bridgehampton was the guest chef. Durell Godfrey

The bounty of fruits and vegetables available to us makes the effort worthwhile
Jane Bimson won’t share her nana’s pickle recipe, but she will tell you how to can safely. Jane Bimson

Local Food News
“comer con gusto.”
Every week, Luchi Masliah, who is from Uruguay, makes thousands of empanadas stuffed with a variety of tasty fillings. Durell Godfrey

Local Food News

Due to the farm-to-table movement and the culinary artisans it has bred, a clutch of kitchens have sprouted up in East Hampton Town to provide a springboard for food entrepreneurs
Dru Raley began making Bonac Dog Bark as a way to raise money for the Springs Presbyterian Church. Morgan McGivern

By Ellen T. White
Tom Colicchio’s commitment to fresh and locally sourced, simple ingredients is a natural for the East End. Mark Jordan