The beauty and flexibility of monochromatic plant combinations
Yellow gazania with wooly silver sage and dichondra Durell Godfrey

The LongHouse Reserve held its seventh “ON+OFF the ground” exhibit
LongHouse Reserve’s Planters On+ Off the Ground competition and exhibit had many entrants, including, above, “Excavated” by Toni Ross and Tony Piazza, which won a first-place ribbon; “The Healing Chest”, below, by Summerhill Landscapes in Sag Harbor, which won the people’s choice award. Britta Lokting Photos
“Kenny Keyser” by Cottage Gardens Landscaping.
“Splattered” from Unlimited Earthcare by Frederico Azevedo.

The annual garden sale and celebration, Much Ado About Madoo
Robert Dash’s untitled oil-and-gesso painting on lithograph from his “Sagg Main” series will be part of the Much Ado About Madoo live auction tomorrow night, carrying an estimate of $10,000. Gary Mamay

Last summer I was obsessing over the purple-leaved redbud Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy
Forest Pansy in mid-May Abby Jane Brody

At LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton
An untitled "planter" by Hope Sandrow from a previous event, offers a hint of how openly the concept can be interpreted. Durell Godfrey

The pool at Robin and Fred Seegal's house in Wainscott Durell Godfrey Photos
The Seegal house
Shade-loving flowers at Toni Ross's Wainscott property
A cottage nestled into the trees on the Ross property
The Ross pool and main house
The DeFlorio's rolling lawn with landscape stairs
The DeFlorio garden
The ocean view from the Seegal property
The Kennedy grounds have a casual, relaxed feel.
The Kennedy house set in a bed of white flowers

Landscape Pleasures, the Parrish Art Museum’s annual symposium and tour, leads the pack of garden-related events this month
David Kleinberg’s East Hampton garden is one of five on the Parrish Art Museum’s Landscape Pleasures self-guided tour on Sunday. Durell Godfrey

Plants with flowers or foliage in orange have been coming to the fore for some time now
Orange is popping out all over in gardens this year. Some of the choices to try with this trend are, above, Crocosmia Distant Planet, below, marigolds, and Diascia. Abby Jane Brody Photos
Hailey London, the Springs School's greenhouse manager, showed kindergarteners how to water plants during a classroom activity in April. Christine Sampson

The floodgates have opened on exciting new plant introductions
Salvia Amistad
Lobelia cardinalis Black Truffle
Helenium Moerheim Beauty Abby Jane Brody Photos