A little peace and tranquillity in a well-tended garden
The main house, like the other buildings on the Southampton property owned by Perri and Eric Ruttenberg, is nestled into an unfussy landscape. Jennifer Landes

Local garden news

So now the plunge

Down the Garden Path
Among the gardens on the tour will be that of Gus and Liz Oliver in Sagaponack, designed by Edwina von Gal. John Hall

Simple is better in planting successful containers
Petunia and Verbena Abby Jane Brody Photo

Nothing affects the gardening mettle more than being on view
Lilacs, already . . . Durell Godfrey

So prepare the stage

Visitors dressed in their own versions of floral attire
LongHouse was still blooming with azaleas, cherry blossoms, and sculptures on Saturday, along with visitors dressed in their own versions of floral attire. Clockwise from top left: Dianne Benson’s jodhpurs added a yellow punch to the landscape; viewers stopped to take in a sculpture in the collection; Steven White chose the zinnia as his fashion inspiration, and Trudy Craney enjoyed Judith Shea’s “Idol” from LongHouse’s temporary sculpture show. Durell Godfrey

Grasses and roses are revived, but with a contemporary twist.
Allen Townsend Terrell, an architect turned artist, painted “Summer Flowers,” an East End garden, in 1927. Courtesy Wallace Gallery

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