At the Bridgehampton Community House

Spring flowering will probably be extravagant and lush
Crocuses need only a little sun after the snow melts to encourage their full bloom.
Snowdrops, which in some years never see the white stuff, proved their name this year, peeking out from the accumulated drifts of a rough South Fork winter
Abby Jane Brody and Steven Kossak Photos

At the Bridgehampton Community House

What is summer without them?
Bluebird hydrangeas and their neon flowers appear to be home to a large flock of bluebirds. Abby Jane Brody

The garden features foot bridges and pavilions in a Chinese style.

The Reifer garden was designed by Jian Guo Xu

The more color the better
Gold makes purples “pop” and harmonizes well with blues, as it does in this combination of tradescantia and catmint. Durell Godfrey
Gold-netted honeysuckle and purple clematis grow over a green vine that throws the purple and gold into strong relief. Abby Jane Brody Photos

Strongly fragrant plants can prod us into engagement with the present
Left, the spicy scent of rhododendron Dexter’s Peppermint carries from one side of the garden to another. Right, Lily of the Valley’s intoxicating smell should not be overlooked. Abby Jane Brody Photos

At the Bridgehampton Community House

At the Madoo Conservancy in Sagaponack