So prepare the stage

Visitors dressed in their own versions of floral attire
LongHouse was still blooming with azaleas, cherry blossoms, and sculptures on Saturday, along with visitors dressed in their own versions of floral attire. Clockwise from top left: Dianne Benson’s jodhpurs added a yellow punch to the landscape; viewers stopped to take in a sculpture in the collection; Steven White chose the zinnia as his fashion inspiration, and Trudy Craney enjoyed Judith Shea’s “Idol” from LongHouse’s temporary sculpture show. Durell Godfrey

Grasses and roses are revived, but with a contemporary twist.
Allen Townsend Terrell, an architect turned artist, painted “Summer Flowers,” an East End garden, in 1927. Courtesy Wallace Gallery

Notes From Madoo

By Abby Jane Brody
Lavender crocus has been blooming in East Hampton since Christmas. Abby Jane Brody
In the East Hampton Historical Society show, there are plenty of items for sale in the $500 to $1,000 range. For people looking for something special and willing to pay for it.
Abby Jane Brody

Progress in breeding has gone at warp speed and today there are literally dozens of roses of unutterable beauty that meet the no-maintenance requirements of the 21st century. Abby Jane Brody

Balcastle in Southampton Village was one of the highlights of the Parrish Art Museum’s Landscape Pleasures symposium and tour over the weekend. Jennifer Landes

The Parrish Art Museum’s Landscape Pleasures weekend will include tours of the houses and gardens of Steven Gambrel, left, in Sag Harbor, and Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper in East Hampton. Gambrel Photo by Eric Piasecki