Edwina von Gal practices what she preaches. This chemical free meadow is on her own property in Springs.

At the Bridgehampton Community House

The seminar will be held in the horticultural library on the ground floor of the Bridgehampton Community House

Our gardens would fare much better if they remained covered by a blanket of snow
Snakebark maple Phoenix. Abby Jane Brody Photos
Early crocus after six weeks under snow.

At the Bridgehampton Community House

The bright and clear yellow running up and down the center of the grass cuts through the drear and subconsciously lifts the spirits
Yellow variegated Japanese white pine Abby Jane Brody

In January and February, the garden slows down, and it is easier to appreciate and luxuriate in each of the garden’s treasures.
A paperback maple glows in the sun. Abby Jane Brody Photos
Neither snow nor frigid weather deters the Christmas roses.

With the LongHouse Reserve

In the Winter House Studio