Nearly every house in East Hampton in the early-20th century had a deutzia with very double white flowers, D. scabra Pride of Rochester
Deutzias seem to be undeservedly out of fashion in East Hampton. Abby Jane Brody

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Ed Hollander’s new book is a gorgeous how-to for Hamptons landscape design
Although Edmund Hollander and his associates design landscapes on a variety of terrains, many of the images in the book are properties on water. But even in East Hampton, he noted that there are very diverse habitats including ocean, marshes, fields, and woodlands, that make a typical “Hamptons” landscape hard to define. Instead of a coffee-table book, “The Private Oasis” is more of a how-to guide for people looking for ideas for their own properties with separate sections on pools, entries, outdoor living, and dining. Charles Mayer Photos

It is they that heal the interrupted, spaded-up earth with green

The Helen of Troy or Cleopatra of the floral world
The Kollers plant miniatures as groundcover under a small maple in a container, the author has adapted the idea for her own lawn. Abby Jane Brody Photo

Hideous indiscretions.

Transform a black hole into a destination
Variegated deutzia, related to mock orange, is an attractive, reliable, and easy June-flowering shrub. Abby Jane Brody

A little peace and tranquillity in a well-tended garden
The main house, like the other buildings on the Southampton property owned by Perri and Eric Ruttenberg, is nestled into an unfussy landscape. Jennifer Landes

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So now the plunge