Stony Hill Road, Amagansett, in the heart of an area that some believe should receive greater protection to assure clean groundwater supplies. David E. Rattray

Canines are responsible for 67 percent of fecal bacteria, birds for 24 percent
A study using DNA-based microbial source tracking indicates that dogs and birds are responsible for most of the fecal bacteria entering Georgica Pond. David E. Rattray

Critics accuse the D.E.C. of ‘years of regulatory neglect’ at Sand Land mine
Stuart Z. Cohen of Environmental Consultants spoke on Friday about the results of water tests conducted at the Sand Land mine in Noyac. Hilary Thayer Hamann

Stuart Z. Cohen from Environmental and Turf Services spoke to a crowd on Friday about the results of water tests conducted at the Sand Land mine. Hilary Thayer Hamann

Region won’t sit by as ‘others ruin our coastline’
Colleen Henn, who is from East Hampton, represented the Surfrider Foundation of New York City, Central Long Island, and Eastern Long Island at a hearing on Friday on a plan to open waters off the Atlantic Coast to offshore oil and gas exploration. Jennifer Landes

Downtown sandbags exposed; more storms on the way
On the downtown Montauk beach, a northeaster with exceptionally high tides gouged away sand, exposing the sandbag seawall placed there two years ago by the Army Corps of Engineers. Jane Bimson
Huge waves broke near Montauk Point on Sunday.David E. Rattray

Public water is likely, but point-of-entry treatment systems may come first

This ravaged section of Route 114 north of Stephen Hand’s Path in East Hampton is one of eight portions of the roadway that will be resurfaced this year. Carissa Katz