Expands severely disabled veterans’ access to health day care

“What we don’t have at the lighthouse and the surrounding areas is reliable cellphone coverage,”
Following a public hearing held last week, the East Hampton Town Planning Board will soon decide on a proposal to mount nine flat cellphone-signal antennas on the fire tower next to the Montauk Lighthouse. T.E. McMorrow

‘Weak’ rental registry code fails its first trial
A jury found James Henry, a tenant in Northwest Woods, not guilty of violating East Hampton Town’s rental registry law. After the verdict was announced, he posed with his girlfriend and housemate, Katlyn Albrecht, and his attorney, Lawrence Kelly. T.E. McMorrow

‘Underutilized’ 60 acres could get a new pavilion
Matthew Charron

This is part of a series of profiles of candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the First Congressional District.
David Pechefsky is one of six candidates for the Democratic Party nomination.

Several residents urged the East Hampton Town Board to purchase land atop the Stony Hill aquifer to preserve the town’s water supply. David E. Rattray­­­­

An oyster-garden program started two years ago in Three Mile Harbor will expand this year, allowing 40 "gardeners" to harvest half of the 1,000 oysters they tend from seed to maturity. Carissa Katz