Sleek units near Montauket would have private pools, million-dollar views
All four of the small cottages overlooking Fort Pond Bay are to be knocked down to make way for three larger resort units built of steel, glass, and mahogany. T.E. McMorrow

The proposed expansion of Damark’s Deli at the intersection of Three Mile Harbor and Soak Hides Roads in East Hampton
Damask’s Deli T.E. McMorrow

Larry Cantwell, the committee’s liaison to the town board, said that the town would complete the purchase of one of two parcels this year and close on the other parcel in 2017

Woodlot Lane has been chosen as a potential new name
Christine Sampson

Poll shows Throne-Holst still largely unknown in district
Lee Zeldin and Anna Throne-Holst Morgan McGivern and Durell Godfrey

Those big bags on the beach? They’re staying
Repairs will be made by the Army Corps after ocean waves last weekend washed away sand, exposing the sandbag seawall installed by the federal agency along the downtown Montauk beach, and leaving a stairway over the dune precariously perched above the surf. Jane Bimson