Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said on Monday that an engineer will help figure out how to best use the $700,000 in state money for pedestrian and traffic safety in Bridgehampton. Taylor K. Vecsey

Preserving all or part of its 840 acres seems to have unanimous support
Tom Dwyer, a geologist who works for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, showed aerial photos of the East End, including Plum Island, to children from John M. Marshall Elementary School during a 2015 field trip to the island. Christine Sampson

A positive picture
East Hampton Town Hall Christine Sampson

“There were comments that it looked like a rocket ship.”

Maximum fines on two corporations

The group thinks “the issue is too important to be left to town government alone.”
Durell Godfrey

Just before the Fourth of July weekend, state crews erected a sign on West Lake Drive which locals quickly said they wanted taken down. Christine Sampson

Town wants to use preservation fund to address sewage and algae issues