Fire marshal, code enforcement officer, and three cops could be hired
East Hampton Town police worked with other law enforcement agencies in a townwide effort to nab drunken drivers in July.The town's tentative budget provides money to hire three more police officers, a code enforcement officer, and another fire marshal. Doug Kuntz

Dems cite progress while Repubs lament delays
Members of the East Hampton Town Board and candidates for their seats participated in a debate hosted by The Star and the East Hampton Group for Good Government on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

Members of the East Hampton Environmental Coalition, including, from left, Jeremy Samuelson, Kathleen Cunningham, Jim Matthews, Marcia Bystryn, and Susan Harder, announced several initiatives to help voters understand where local candidates stand as the November town and village elections approach. Morgan McGivern

Michael Davis, a builder, hopes East Hampton Town will allow him to merge two nonconforming properties east of his Wainscott office. Morgan McGivern