Committee hears call to protect ‘single-family character of our community’

Eight arrested for refusing to leave beach
Eight protestors had been arrested as of yesterday for refusing to leave the work zone where contractors have excavated dunes and are digging up sand. Joanne Pilgrim
A crowd of protesters assembled near the Army Corps’s dune excavation on Sunday. Doug Kuntz
James Katsipis, an organizer of the protests, was arrested on Friday for disorderly conduct.Morgan McGivern
Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, center, flanked by Town Councilwoman Sylvia Overby and Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, with Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez at far right, faced a crowd of seawall opponents at a town board meeting in Montauk at Tuesday.Joanne Pilgram
To express opposition to the Army Corps of Engineers sandbag seawall now being installed along the downtown Montauk beach, surfers took to the water on Sunday morning joined by a line of supporters on shore numbering several hundred. Joanne Pilgrim
People at Tuesday’s meeting displayed their wishes in signs, urging the board to stop the project.Morgan McGivern

Morgan McGivern
Kurt Fuchs and Bella Ornaf waited Tuesday morning for their arrests on the Montauk beach, part of an ongoing protest of the Army Corps's sandbag seawall project.T.E. McMorrow
The Montauk Playhouse Community Center was packed Tuesday morning for a town board meeting.Morgan McGivern

Lisa Spellman, who flashed a peace sign, and Bess Rattray, were arrested on disorderly conduct charges Monday morning. Joanne Pilgrim
The Montauk oceanfront work zone on Monday morning, where contractors were excavating sand and placing steel structures into the ground for the Army Corps of Engineers reinforced dune seawall project. Joanne Pilgrim
East Hampton Town police officers arrested two women who refused to leave the construction zone.Joanne Pilgrim

Surfers spread out in a long line, facing a similar line of supporters on the sand, raised their arms and chanted “No more Army Corps” and “Larry are you listening?” Joanne Pilgrim
About 100 surfers turned up at South Edison beach for the paddle out protest Sunday morning.Janis Hewitt
The surfers, and a couple of dogs, lined up before heading into the ocean.Janis Hewitt
Joanne Pilgrim
Sarah Conway, one of the three protestors arrested on Friday morning, laying down on the sand, again.Joanne Pilgrim
Sarah Conway joined the other two others arrested Friday, Tom LaGrassa, left, and James Katsipis, right, who participated in the paddle out. Janis Hewitt
The surfers took their boards into the water.Janis Hewitt
Janis Hewitt
Surfers in the water and supporters on the sand formed a symbolic “line of defense” in protest of the Montauk beach project.Joanne Pilgrim
A crowd of several hundred stood by on the beach as the surfers hit the water.Joanne Pilgrim

Contractors for the Army Corps of Engineers at work this week on the downtown Montauk beach. T.E. McMorrow

Demonstrators descended on the beach with the idea of forming a human chain to stop work on the Army Corps's Montauk beach project. Joanne Pilgrim
Three protestors were arrested. From left, Tom LaGrassa, Sarah Conway, and James Katsipis, who organized the protest. Morgan McGivern
Sarah Conway, a Montauk resident, refused a town police order to leave a trough in the sand.Joanne Pilgrim
An East Hampton Town police officer places cuffs on Sarah Conway. Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Town Police Officer Kenneth Alversa led James Katsipis off the beach before placing him under arrest.Morgan McGivern
Before the arrests, protestors stood in solidarity. Joanne Pilgrim
In anticipation of the protest, the East Hampton Town Police Department had extra officers on hand.Morgan McGivern
Protestors didn't want to let the bulldozers do their work on Friday morning.Joanne Pilgrim
Protestors were taken away for booking.Joanne Pilgrim
As the three protestors were led away in handcuffs, people watched from an oceanfront motel balcony.Morgan McGivern

Angry residents vow to 'form human chain to stop the work' Friday morning
The Town Hall meeting room was packed on Thursday night with residents who came to vent frustrations over the Army Corps work that began in earnest this week on the downtown Montauk beach. Morgan McGivern
James Katsipis, a Montauk photographer who mobilized the Thursday night crowd with his photographs of the Army Corps workMorgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern