Town code limits total sign area to 20 square feet at that location, but HomeGoods wants to exceed that by nearly 50 percent

Several companies have introduced technology that can reduce the amount of nitrogen in the effluent released into the environment from septic systems

The site plan for the expansion was first brought before the board in June of 2012
Citgo wants to erect a canopy over its newly expanded pump island. T.E. McMorrow

Village officials talk of the ‘iceberg’ effect
Kenneth Collum said the basements of many new construction projects extend beyond the house’s footprint and include bedrooms. Christopher Walsh

Recommendations for a business study were drafted by a business needs committee chaired by Job Potter

The trustees had previously announced their intention to raise annual leases to $6,000 per lot per year
Lessees of East Hampton Town Trustee-owned land at Lazy Point in Amagansett argued against a sharp increase in their lease fees at the trustees’ meeting on Tuesday. Morgan McGivern

The lots in question are seaward of the coastal erosion hazard line, necessitating the Z.B.A.’s approval

Local government notes