Michael Sendlenski, the East Hampton Town attorney, spoke at a recent workshop on the town’s new rental registration law. Supervisor Larry Cantwell has said he hoped that in the future town meetings should include a provision allowing Spanish-speaking residents to take part. Richard Lewin

An application is being considered for AT&T to place nine antenna units on the 120-foot tall windmill lattice tower at Iacono Farm in East Hampton. T.E. McMorrow

Town planners and neighbors sharply oppose new house on Gerard Drive
Neighbors of a Gerard Drive cottage have said that a planned house there would be the environmentally sensitive Springs peninsula’s “first McMansion.” T.E. McMorrow

Representatives of Cyril’s Fish House on Napeague were told they would have to return the restaurant to how it was in 1984 by the East Hampton Town Planning Board last week unless they came up with an acceptable new plan. T.E. McMorrow

Truck Beach foes step up anti-tailgating effort
Neighbors opposed to the summertime gathering of vehicles on a stretch of Napeague Beach are stepping up efforts to stop the practice. Morgan McGivern

Residents fear public will ‘trash’ preserve

Sandbags ‘did what they’re supposed to do’
A roll-off container marooned on the Montauk beach was buried by contractors to serve as a slurry container before being unearthed last weekend by eroding sands. T.E. McMorrow
The number of sandbags to be used in the Army Corps of Engineers Montauk seawall project is fewer than had been expected, as the bags are larger than had been planned for. T.E. McMorrow