State grant eases burden of installation after wells are found to be tainted
A former film studio and special effects lab on Industrial Road in Wainscott, now used for training by several South Fork fire departments, is among the possible sources of chemical groundwater contamination in the area. David E. Rattray

In the hamlet study for Wainscott, suggested future uses of the sandpit, which will eventually cease operation, include expanded commercial or mixed use, affordable housing, and even a new railroad station. David E. Rattray

President Trump came out strongly for Representative Lee Zeldin via Twitter last week, writing that he "has my Complete and Total Endorsement!" Morgan McGivern

Of the $775,000 increase in discretionary spending in the proposed budget, nearly 73 percent of it, or $605,000, goes to the airport fund, to purchase aviation fuel, an expense more than offset by revenue from selling the fuel to airport operators. Durell Godfrey

Jane Bimson

Wainscott residents want different landing site
A page from a booklet prepared by Deepwater Wind last fall shows how a cable from the offshore South Fork Wind Farm would be landed onshore. Deepwater Wind

Youth vote could turn tide in November midterms
Galvanized in part by a spate of school shootings, a record number of 18 to 22-year-olds have registered to vote this year. Above, East Hampton High School student activists joined in a national school walkout in March. Durell Godfrey